Giselle Blanco

"Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome."-Booker T. Washington

Approximately twelve years ago, I realized my passion for education and helping other. Through my educational journey came with deep desire to not only learn more about myself, life and the world  but a need to share my experience of transformation with others. I believed if I was truly able to transform, I would be able to help others transform themselves.
Growth is a scary thing; we are all set in our ways of life, routines, day to day habits. Many times we need an outside voice to give us  advice about our future! That extra push and words or encouragement as well as “tough love”.
When I decided to go to college, I had no idea what I was getting into. My passion for a better future and achieving my educational dreams kept me focus and hungry for success. I realized what my true calling was… to become a “Educator” and help college student and professionals  transform themselves just as I transformed my life through education and professional development. Being a “grown up” is scary, right? I had fears and doubts about life, what I wanted to do for a living, how successful will I be?

What is Your
Educational Dream? 

I wanted to become a filmmaker. The next “Penny Marshall” a certified Hollywood Executive! Although that is not exactly what happened, I pursued it and developed skills that I never thought I was capable of.

My Story

I received my Associate in Arts in Media Studies and my Bachelors of Arts in Film/Television Production and a few credits towards my masters degree in Urban Education. Currently, I am an Academic Program  Advisor in New York.

Throughout my academic and professional career, I’ve amassed various skills which have made me a better person. Having the opportunity to help a special population of diverse college students has given me the patience and compassion needed for any field in education. I decided to create this educational website to provide educational resources for college students and professionals. Resources in career and professional development to enhance your opportunities after earning your degree or certificate.

As a single parent, I know how important it is getting an early start in education, which is why I recently added resources for early and secondary education; to help parents guide their children through their educational dream.

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